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Characteristics of the Municipality   Welcome to the website of the Kosice-Saca Municipality, one of the 22 urban parts of the City of Kosice, which was established by Act no. 401/1990 of Coll. on the City of Kosice, building on Constitution of the SR and Act No. 369/1990 Coll. on the establishment of the municipality, which meets all attributes of the commune. Municipality of Kosice-Saca is an independent territorial and administrative unit of the Slovak Republic, which brings together persons with permanent residence on its territory. At the same time, it is a legal person, which under the conditions provided for by law manages its own property and its own revenue. Therefore, it is an independent public corporation, based on the territorial principle and its personal basis are people with permanent residence on the territory of the Kosice-Saca that participate on the self-governing issues such as electing and being elected, to vote on major issues regarding life and development of Kosice-Saca (local referendum), to participate in the public meetings of the inhabitants of Kosice-Saca and present their opinions and ideas, to participate in the meetings of the local government, to propose their suggestions and complaints to the authorities of Kosice-Saca and others. Municipality of Kosice-Saca as legal person acts in legal relations on its own behalf and at the same time carries the responsibility resulting from these relations. The authorities of Kosice-Saca Municipality are the Mayor and the Local Council. The Executive Body of the Mayor and Local Council as well as of the other local bodies constituted by the Local Council is the Local Municipality Office and its work is organized by the superintendent. The Local Controlleris in charge of the tasks of the internal control and is elected (and recalled) by the Local Council for a period of 6 years and is employed by the Municipality.    THE GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION AND OTHER TERRITORIAL RELATIONS   Kosice-Saca lies in the flat area 256 meters above sea level in the Kosice basin, which is surrounded by Slovenske Rudohorie, part Volovske Mountains on the north. It is situated about 15 km southwest of Kosice. There is a brook Ida, flowing into Bodva river. Saca was formed by uniting two original municipalities Saca and Buzinka. The advantage of its location is based on the fact that it lies on a major crossroad, road I/50, on the route from Kosice to Bratislava. The U.S.Steel Company, the local metallurgic giant, is located about 1km away.  
Number of permanent residents in the territory of Saca until 31.12.2011 2754 women out of the population of 5458   Permanently inhabited houses together- 600 510family houses and628 permanently occupied flats     FOR PRESENTATION VIDEO About the Kosice-Saca Municipality visit:   http://www.abov.eu.sk/kosicesaca/sk/video.html

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